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Black Metal Doors

Contemporary design is constantly evolving to reflect the popular styles of current and future trends, especially for home interior. Frequent updates to your interior design can make all the difference when it comes to having a trendy space. Home renovations and upgrades, landscape, furniture, and art can all contribute to making your home style more contemporary. But one of the key things is good natural light, it will make any space instantly look more contemporary. Here are some recommendations for transforming your home to achieve a more contemporary look…


1. Natural Light – the Key to Contemporary Design

Natural light is a champion of contemporary style. It gives a fresher and brighter look to your home, something much appreciated after the past couple years of working out of home offices. We can all agree that after spending more time at home than usual under the dark cloud of the pandemic, we are relieved to see that contemporary style is here to literally shed light into our lives and our homes- say goodbye to gloomy spaces!

Some ways to incorporate natural light into your home for beautiful sunlit spaces would be to add black metal doors to encourage the passing of light throughout the inside of your home. Adding a black metal door or black metal doors keeps your space open, light and very much on trend.

Black steel framed doors

Achieve the look


2. Outdoor Spaces – Bringing Natural Light In

Many of us have had the chance over the past two years to transform our home into an oasis, and this includes our outdoor spaces as well. We can add comfy seating areas and luxury fireplace design to our gardens for that contemporary look. Choosing an external sliding door, brings that outdoor space into your home.  Making your inside space feel much more spacious!  An added bonus to installing Minima Sliding Glass Doors would be that you can always view and showcase your beautiful outdoor additions and landscapes.

Cambray sliding corner project


3. Furniture – Open Plan Living

After a period of extended time at home, contemporary style in furniture shifts from minimalism to maximized comfort, whilst still staying true to open plan living. A plush couch, soft throw, textured rug, and earthy vibe are an ideal choice for a contemporary style living room. Adding black metal doors can assist in creating the illusion of an open plan whilst your choice of furniture and finishing can hit along new style trends. A well placed black metal door will allow bright light distribution and the reeded glass can add a bit of privacy if you were still working from home.  Your black metal door gives you the feel of open plan living as it allows that natural light to flow freely from room to room.

Crittall look interior doors

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4. Creative Natural Light – Add a Skylight 

Bathrooms tend to be rooms that are poorly served by natural light, making it sometimes difficult to get that contemporary feel. Few people design a bathroom with large windows or with an airy open plan feel. After all, a bathroom is somewhere where you want to be afforded some privacy! If your bathroom is lacking natural light, then consider a skylight to improve the light flow.

Light filled bathroom with aluminium window


Maximizing comfort and most importantly incorporating natural light into your home, is a huge staple for interior trends in 2022. A combination of natural light and cozy textiles makes for a contemporary look, which is huge in 2022. Choosing upgrades that foster natural light distribution such as skylights from Express Skylights, Black Metal Doors and/or Minima Sliding, or if you’re feeling up to the challenge, incorporate all three!

Natural light never goes out of style.