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Achieve the Look – single black metal door

Summer home projects are the perfect opportunity to spruce up a neglected space, or even create a whole new one.  Taking time out when the weather is nice (fingers crossed) makes a home project easier to deal with, especially if your project is a large, messy undertaking.  Whatever room you’ve decided to work on, I’m sure you’ll agree it involves careful planning.  Not just to ensure your vision is realised, but to manage costs and in some cases the arrangement of manpower if you have tradesman helping with multiple tasks.  One area that is often neglected when starting a home project are the simple things, like door handles, taps and of course your choice of doors.  A well-placed decorative metal interior door can make a huge impact on your room and set the tone of style you wish to achieve.

If you have decided now is the time to plan your summer project, here’s how a single or double black metal door can set your room off and make a real impact…

Steel look black metal doors

Achieve the look – double black metal doors

Perhaps your home project finds you re-doing your bathroom, why stop at just the normal bath, shower, floors etc.?  It really doesn’t take much more effort or cost to change up your old door for a new steel interior door.  There are many different designs and finishes on the market and I’m sure you can agree, they really can have a huge impact on the finished result.  Choosing a single or double black metal door is a design statement and can bring a whole project together.  Metal interior doors have become a huge trend in the last year.  The industrial, black finish just works with any colour, any finish, any style or any room for that matter.  So, in choosing a black metal door, your room will instantly look and feel more modern.

It’s not just the impact that including a metal internal door can have on your space, it’s also the fact it’s a practical option.  Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a huge, expensive and time-consuming project, just to find scuffs and chips in your paint work a week later.  Choosing to incorporate a black metal door alleviates this worry.  Hardwearing and durable, your new decorative metal interior door will outlast all your style choices and most of the time your other furniture too!

steel look black doors internal

Achieve the look– single black metal door

If you think your latest home project could be lifted with the inclusion of a metal interior door, then you really need to seek out the best and most knowledgeable supplier.  Here at Black Metal Doors, we understand what it takes to plan and execute a home project.  We endeavour to take the worry and stress out of at least one part of your project, making the ordering process simple.

So, if you are currently working on a home project, make sure you get as much information together as possible.  This will help make the job much easier and avoid any issues that may eat away at your budget.

For more information about your new black metal doors or additional help with ‘achieving the look’ contact us today for more information