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Black Metal Doors

When we hear the word ‘bespoke’ we tend to think of the words, ‘high-end’ and ‘expensive’.  That doesn’t always have to mean that it costs more, you just need to get creative.  It also doesn’t mean that everything you choose to do in your home has to be bespoke or one of a kind.  So how do you know what to choose to get this ‘bespoke’ look?  Here are Black Metal Doors tips on what you can add or change in your home to achieve true bespoke style…

steel look black doors internal

Black Metal Door – Double Door Gallery

Installing new flooring is one of the most common methods to add a bespoke feel to your home. For the busy traffic areas in your house, the upgrade to hard-wearing, wood or tiles can change the look and feel of your home and add value.  It also allows you the freedom to create a design that is truly bespoke.  If you choose parquet or herringbone flooring for example, why not lay them in a unique way.  Same with a patterned tile.  Why not create your own design and lay them in a different pattern to the way it’s suggested already? This is relatively easy to do and not too costly, but the results will be evident!

Black metal internal double doors with bars

Bespoke Internal Doors

Choosing one piece to focus on in each room is also a great way to get that bespoke look.  One of the biggest trending looks this year is the ‘industrial’ look.  It’s very one of a kind and really is different in every room you add this design too.  You don’t even need to go too over the top, just adding a hint will give you the look and feel of industrial style.  You can add this industrial look into any home or space with just one small addition, a black metal door.  This black steel look gives the overall effect of an industrial space, without a big messy change. It gives your space an edgy look that is not just ‘off the shelf’, making this a great bespoke choice.

Whether you require a single or double black metal door, you can create a bespoke metal frame so that your bespoke internal door fits perfectly.  Even if your doorway is larger than the standard size, take this opportunity to have your black metal door made to your bespoke requirements.

Black metal internal double doors with bars

Black Metal Doors – Double Door Gallery

What better way to showcase your style than with a new coat of paint? Less than 15 percent of people have the ability to visualize a new colour on the walls. One rule of thumb is to start out small before you go big. For example, introduce a new colour with an accent chair or some other accessories and see how it makes you feel before applying it to your walls.

You could even choose an accent chair that you have made to order, that way you can choose colour, fabric, pattern and even if the legs have a wooden finish or not.  Making this another great way to add a bespoke element to your room.

Black Metal Doors – Glass Partitions

When it comes the kitchen, there are so many bespoke things you can add to make it a unique room.  Consider changing the colour of your cabinets, something that you have mixed, not off the shelf.  You could change your worktops, if your kitchen came with standard specification.  Another way to create a bespoke space is if you move furniture around to designate certain areas for certain uses.  You can do this by adding a large table, making it clear that is the eating area.  Perhaps the addition of a small sofa or chair would suggest this area is for relaxing?

If space allows, you could even install something more permanent like a glass partition.  Making it clear that this area is the cooking space, this is the dining space.  There are some great options for glass partitions, you could choose clear or frosted glass, making your glass partition bespoke.

Creating a space that is true to you and your family is the most important thing, by adding some unique touches that you either design yourself or create with the help of a supplier or company will ensure you capture true bespoke style.