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Black Metal Doors

Industrial-style décor is a luxury look that homeowners strive to achieve by using black metal doors. You can find black metal doors and industrial-style décor everywhere from interior design magazines to lifestyle blogs. Many people have chosen to model both commercial and residential properties in the contemporary industrial style with the intention of achieving the luxury steel look by using aluminium black metal doors instead. At a much lower cost, aluminium black metal doors afford you the luxury steel look without that luxury price tag too!

Here are a few ways, you can achieve this luxury look around your home using black metal doors that are made from aluminium and not steel, let’s face it, who can tell?!



The advantage of black aluminium doors over black steel doors for your interior is that aluminium doors are far more resistant to rust and corrosion than steel doors, which comes in handy if you were wanting to install black metal doors in the bathroom, washroom, or other rooms where moisture levels are high!

black steel interior door

Achieve the look


The difference in the material is aesthetically unnoticeable, yet aluminium black metal doors provide the same desired, sophisticated aesthetic look without the premium cost.  Aluminium is a more malleable material than steel which means that they can be made to fit more easily into your doorways, saving time and again most importantly a great way to keep costs down.  Aluminium is typically less expensive than steel, making black aluminum doors a maintenance-free, less costly option than a black steel door.


Enhanced Space

Spending less on each metal interior door, means you get to use more!  You can use a black metal door in any room you desire, the various options in glass makes each door versatile whatever the space demands. The use of glass gives the illusion of space and somehow adds to the overall dimension of a room, creating the impression that a room is bigger than it actually is. No need for extreme remodeling to enlarge your space!

Crittall black internal door

Achieve the look



The luxury steel look is so desirable because of the clean lines and all-around smart finish and uniform look. With no paint or wood to be chipped or damaged, metal interior doors are maintenance free, which means you won’t be spending money on them after they are installed!

If you have decided now is the time to upgrade your interior doors but have been put off by the cost, steel is now not the only option you have available!  Choosing to install an aluminium black metal door will allow you to minimise both maintenance and cost, while maximising style!