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Black Metal Doors

Glass partitions make for an elegant transition between rooms inside your home. You can use glass partitions on either side of an open doorway, or as a partition wall acting as a room divider. With our bespoke option for glass partitions, you can really customise them to whatever your room commands!

Here are some examples and styling tips for incorporating glass partitions into your home…

Kitchen & Dining Room Glass Partitions

Crittall room dividers

One of the most common placements for glass partitions is between the kitchen and the dining area. Adding glass partitions to both sides of the doorway connecting these two rooms is a great way to designate separate areas while also keeping them connected.

Most people choose to keep an opening between the kitchen and the dining room simply for the convenience as you transfer your dinner from the stove to the table. The kitchen and dining area naturally flow into each other, and with an element of style using glass partitions!

If the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room is too narrow for double glass partitions, then you can choose to install just one glass partition and still pull off the stylish look from Black Metal Doors! Here are some examples that feature a single glass partition with clear and reeded glass panes…

Reeded room dividers with metal frame    metal black framed room dividers

Living Room Glass Partitions

Black steel room dividers    Black steel glass partitions

You can style glass partitions for your living room, too. Living room doorways are usually on the wider side, so it is a great opportunity for glass partitions on both sides of the entry way.

You can customise each pane of the glass partitions and/or black metal doors to feature either clear, frosted, or reeded glass depending on the level of privacy and amount of light you desire.

Other Possibilities for Glass Partitions

room dividers in black metal 

This 3-Pane glass partition with frosted glass stands alone to provide an element of privacy for a work desk, yet still offers an openness for those who do not want a completely isolated workspace.

This glass partition idea would be ideal for someone who works from home and/or has children who need attending. While working they can’t really see you, but they know you are there, right behind the frosted glass partition!

industrial look glass partition

This choice of black metal and glass partition installation is proof that you really can style glass partitions or black metal doors anywhere in the home!

The possibilities for styling glass partitions are endless!

Some things to keep in mind about our glass partitions and black metals doors…

  • All of our products are designed for internal use only
  • Powder coated aluminium profile
  • 4mm toughened safety glass – single glazing
  • Jet Black colour finish – RAL9005 Matt (30% gloss level)
  • Clear, frosted, or reeded glass finishes available (can be mixed)
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Lead time from order to delivery is 3-5 weeks
  • 5-year warranty on aluminium profile, glass, and hardware

We hope that you are able to find an opportunity in your home to feature a glass partition or a black metal door and can take inspiration from our interior styling blogs!

If you are unsure about anything or cannot find the design you are looking for, please get in touch with us.