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Black Metal Doors

For room styling and inspiration, Black Metal Doors provides a variety of solutions for any space. During your interior design journey, you will realise that there is no one size fits all when it comes to home styling. However, a black metal door is a versatile product that compliments current home styling trends for multiple different settings.

steel look black doors internal

If you are unsure of which black metal door product is right for your home or for a particular room in your house, we have plenty of photos in our gallery and interior styling blogs for you to gain inspiration from!  Check out how you can incorporate a black metal door or steel framed glass partition into your home.

How do I decide which size black metal door?

If you already have a spot picked out for your black metal door, you will need to use our measuring guide to help estimate which size would be the perfect fit.

Once you measure the doorway that you want to add the black metal door to, you can choose from our standard luxury interior door and/or glass partition sizes to make the process easier:

steel look black doors internal

Single Doors

black metal double doors for kitchen

Double Doors

Black steel room dividers

Glass Partitions

Of course, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind when determining if black aluminium doors are the right choice for your home…

  • Our black aluminium doors are designed specifically for internal use only.
  • All of our black metal doors and glass partitions are made using aluminium and single glazed glass.
  • Our products at Black Metal Doors only come in the color RAL9005 Jet Black Matt.
  • Our black metal doors are only offered with two horizontal bars in the doors.
  • There are minimum and maximum sizes for our black metal doors and glass partitions.
  • The black metal single door and double doors only open one way.
  • These black aluminium doors and glass partitions are very easy to install for any builder or competent DIYer.

Where to install a black metal door?

As you will see in our photo gallery, one of the most common places for installing black aluminium doors or glass partitions is the entryway that connects the kitchen and the dining room. That doesn’t mean it’s the only place, as long as you measure your doorway frame correctly, you can replace those old wooden doors and install a black metal door in any room!

Black metal doors for the bedroom and bathroom are becoming more and more popular for contemporary styling.

steel look black doors internal

We have also seen black metal double doors or French doors used for hallway styling.

Bespoke Enquiry

The versatile options for incorporating a black aluminium door or a black metal glass partition into your home are truly endless, as we offer 3 different types of glass panes and the option to mix-and-match.

Pro Tip: The type of glass you choose for your black metal door really depends on the level of privacy the particular room requires.  Make sure you consider this when choosing your black metal door.

Lead Time & Delivery

When trying to decide if black metal doors are right for your home, we understand that timing is important, especially if you wanted to finish your project without having to wait months for things to arrive!  Covid has impacted lead and delivery times no matter what product or service you require in the last year. You can rest back knowing that Black Metal Doors usually runs on a 3-5 week lead time but, please feel free to check with our team at the time of your order for a more detailed timeframe.

We deliver these black metal doors and partitions to England, Wales, and Scotland. Please note our delivery charges are zoned, so please enquire with us to find out an accurate delivery charge for your postcode.

Black Metals Doors is happy to assist with all your questions, so please feel free to contact us with anything regarding your black metal door purchase, installation, and/or styling!

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