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Black Metal Doors

If you are looking for trending products for interior design right now, then the French door may be on your radar.  Black metal French doors are everywhere at the moment and have had a huge facelift to the classic glazed French door we all know so well.  The updated black metal French doors are in keeping with that industrial look that a lot of people are leaning towards when thinking about making home improvements.

  1. Black Metal French Doors – Interior
glass and metal interior double doors - crittall look

Achieve the look


Black metal French doors offer a dramatic way to open up certain parts of your home, making a bold statement.  If you have large wall areas, then a set of well placed black metal French doors can create a feature in any room.  Showcasing interior metal doors is a huge style for 2022, so you will be right on trend!

Black metal French doors are also a great way to separate rooms yet still have them feel connected in some way. If you are in need of inspiration, then why not consider…


a. Hallway French Doors: The hallway serves as a check point of the home as it usually provides access to all other rooms and parts of the house. Black metal French doors are an innovative way to section off two sides of the house while also allowing them to still feel connected. The glass panes allow for light distribution and show the continued length of the home. A functional suggestion would be to place French doors at either end of the hallway. An open French door would indicate elegantly which side of the house is open to guests or children!


b. Office/Study French Doors: A sophisticated style option for black metal French doors would be for an office or a study. The natural light that is allowed to pass through the windows making it easier read and write in an area that is dedicated to work and creativity. With style firmly in mind, the black metal French doors look the part whilst still allowing you not to feel isolated while working in your home office or study!

If you were looking for an exterior option, then adding a French door that wraps around your whole living space is again right on trend.


  1. Exterior French Doors

External French Door with Top light and Side Light Standard Black 9005


For obvious reasons, French doors are a trending topic for exterior doors too this year.  Creating a luxury home requires exceptional features.  Gone are the old style French door, enter (literally!) the new generation in exterior French doors.  The corner sliding French door welcomes light and shouts modern home design. The brighter, the better! Natural lighting feeds the soul and provides a certain ambiance needed for a trendy home. It is a larger undertaking than fitting an interior door but the overall finish is so dramatic, it completely changes the look and feel of your home.

Upgrading style using 2022’s new glazing trends, will see your home looking modern, whatever your style choices or the finish may be.  Whether you intend on incorporating a black metal French door into the interior of your home this year or you have decided now is the time to open up your exterior space by adding a sliding door.  Following the French door trend will ensure your home is up to date, inside and out!